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Meet Rune and learn how TrySome helps ethical brands succeed and how it all started. 

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In addition to free sampling, we are preparing to also sell healthy and clean full size products on the site. These products will be up to 50% off, no joke. We are really excited to be able to offer both free sampling and shopping at great discounts. This deal is only available to TrySome Testers, so apply now and we will let you know when our Shop is ready for you to save up to 50%.

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"They say necessity is the mother of all invention, and this mama sure did start inventin'..."

We upcycle "imperfect" organic bananas

These guys are on a mission to eliminate food waste on organic banana farms and they have developed a delicious snack in order to do so. 

Meet Barnana

"The feedback we received from the TrySome Testers was invaluable! Honest opinions from real, sophisticated consumers has made our product better – and for that we are eternally grateful"

Marianne Honore, KUR Organic Superfoods

I was excited to "TrySome" and discover new organic, healthy products for free. The company and products definitely delivered! I really enjoyed discovering a new vegan omega oil and have actually been using the product ever since.

Ruth Temianka

TrySome is a great way to be a conscious consumer. In addition to being able to help develop meaningful and useful products through useful feedback, you also get to try some great stuff!

Drew Heffron

It is so easy to discover new clean products on TrySome; it spiked my curiosity to try new products.  I would never have tried dehydrated bananas if it hadn't been for TrySome. Now I love those things... Barnana

Ziva Cooper

The aspect I really love about TrySome is the opportunity to speak directly to brands. It gives you the power to support better products, sustainable practices and brands. It's a win-win for the consumer and the company!

Ruth Temianka

TrySome allowed me to do exactly that, try some new products that appealed to me, that interested me and even something I might not otherwise try. I selected some items from their list and in a couple of days, they arrived at my door. A great way to try some new and different products. Go TrySome!

Rody Biggert

I love TrySome's concept: try new products for free and give your honest feedback in return. It's a fun platform that allows you to discover and try new products from brands that are committed to producing better products. I'm looking forward to the next delivery!

Cedric Penders
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