Meet The Makers: Barnana

Our Mission
We are on a mission to eliminate food waste on organic banana farms. When bananas have scuffs, are a little too ripe, or aren’t the perfect size - they are rejected for export.

Wasted Food
According to the World Resources Institute, about 56% of all food wasted in Latin America happens before ever reaching distribution. In a region where over 70% of the food that is produced is exported, this leaves a massive amount of bananas left behind to rot.

Upcycling Bananas
We upcycle these "imperfect" organic bananas that used to be wasted at these farms and turn them into Barnana instead of letting these tasty morsels go to waste.

Our Story
On a hot summer day in 1981, architect Joao suplicy took home a large broken skylight from a construction project in the hills of curitiba, brasil. Suplicy woke the next morning and discovered that all the grass beneath the skylight had died. This simple, unintentional experiment sparked an idea that started as a personal hobby and continued on as a family tradition.

From this simple revelation, Joao constructed a natural dehydrator and tested it with fresh, peeled bananas. After just five days he had raw, organic, dehydrated bananas that tasted sweet and lasted for months. To their delight, Joao shared the organic bananas with his family and friends, but perhaps the biggest fan of all was his eldest son, Caue. In 2001, Caue relocated to southern california to commence his career as a professional triathlete. The suplicy family tradition of creating organic chewy bananas carried on, as he shared the banana superfood with his friends and fellow athletes across the country.

In 2010, Caue, Nik, and Matt decided to share the super Potassium snack® with the world and embark on a journey that would soon become Barnana.

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