Meet The Makers: YES Cacao

In 2015, health food entrepreneurs Zoë and Justin decided to put the fun in functional, and reclaim chocolate as a delivery system. YES Cacao makes healthy choices more accessible, playful, and pleasurable by pairing functions with flavors to deliver formulas that optimize your #YESLIFE. Each bar has less than 6g of unrefined, highly mineralized, organic sun-dried cane sugar and contain no artificial ingredients, emulsifiers, or gmo’s. From ingredients to packaging, every sourcing decision they make is with deep reverence for the planet.

Based in Santa Cruz, YES Cacao offers “functional chocolates,” meaning that in addition to providing that pleasure-seeking hit we all crave when we take a bite of chocolate, the product becomes a delivery mechanism for botanical remedies said to aid relaxation, endurance and memory.


Yes CaCao says their cholocalte bars aid relaxation, endurance and memory.
YES Cacao says their cholocalte bars aid relaxation, endurance and memory.


YES Cacao features three types of botanical chocolate bars blended with herbs, teas, flowers and superfoods, and their effects are cumulative, he said. Some ingredients are more common, like turmeric, fennel and gingko biloba, while others are less well-known, like bacopa and shilajit. They can definitely be detected in the chocolate, subtly affecting its flavor.

“All of our ingredients are backed by scientific studies, and these things have been used not only in Western medicine but some going back for thousands of years, in ancient Egypt or by the Mayans,” he said.

He sources his chocolate from Ecuador, where it is harvested from the jungle. Wild sourced Arriba Criollo cacao supports biodiversity and the preservation of Andean ecosystem.


 Learn more at and connect with YES Cacao on Instagram, Facebook,  Twitter. and email!


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