Meet the people behind the brand - Cloverdale Organics

Created in Brooklyn, Cloverdale Organics is an organic and plant based self care product line created by Perryn Ford. Originally from Washington D.C., Perryn’s appreciation for plant based products began in 2011 with a transition to a vegetarian diet. Shortly after this transition, she began to research the effects of chemicals found in her everyday beauty and skincare products. An African - American women with naturally curly, Perryn discontinued the use of harsh chemical hair relaxers, shampoos, and began experimenting with and making her own beauty and skincare products. This was her gateway into the study of essential oils, aromatherapy, and healing through alternative and plant based remedies. After the loss of her father to a long battle wit cancer in 2013, Perryn began to dive deeper into her study of harsh chemicals used in many consumer products and how they can effect our health. From this moment, the seed was planted to create Cloverdale Organics. Named after Cloverdale Lane in Atlanta where she was visiting a friend at the time, Perryn chose the name Cloverdale Organics to commemorate the place where she first had the idea. Not to mention the name seemed quite perfect considering the ethos behind the brand. It was really quite serendipitous. After significant time researching, creating recipes, and gathering feedback, Cloverdale Organics officially launched October 2016. Now fully committed to being vegan and living a holistic lifestyle centered on plant-based remedies and chemical - free products, Perryn is working to build Cloverdale Organics into a brand that promotes self -care through the use of clean and organic skincare and wellness products.




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