Meet the people behind the brand - Elisas Love Bites



Sweet Treats for the Health-Conscious
Elisa's Love Bites is a gluten-free dessert atelier based in Brooklyn, NY which offers a curated array of sweet treats that eliminate the need to choose between delicious desserts and nutritious food.  Elisa's Love Bites allows you do both at once!
The Elisa's Love Bites Story
Owner Elisa Lyew started her culinary journey as a restaurant pastry chef and decided to craft a better way to enjoy desserts that wasn't detrimental to the health of her customers.  This vision is the foundation of Elisa's Love Bites, where everyone can indulge in sweet treats that are made using predominantly organic ingredients, certified gluten-free flours, and natural low-glycemic sweeteners (such as coconut palm sugar, house-made applesauce, honey, dried fruits, and maple syrup).  No more empty calories or guilt!


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