Meet the people behind the brand - Hnina


HNINA GOURMET. Best-in-class chocolate, snacks and spreads company based in LaLaLand. It was the brainchild of French born, Californian, Vanessa Hnina Morgenstern-Kenan, who when pregnant with twins craved chocolate! But she could not find any chocolate befitting her French taste and Cali wellness.

They say necessity is the mother of all invention, and this mama sure did start inventing. Borrowing from her Tunisian and European ancestral kitchen sense, Vanessa first created her magical chocolate truffles! Organic, raw cacao, sprouted nuts & seed using non-inflammatory sweeteners like raw honey and pure maple syrup, and no additives. That set the HNINA Standard. 

Next came pure chocolate bars made with the same 88% dark organic raw single-origin grand-cru cacao. Again same uncompromising HNINA Standards! 



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