Meet the people behind the brand - Meta Matcha

After discovering Matcha at a local tea shop and experiencing the amazing energy flow of the caffeine & L-Theanine combination, I started my journey as TheMatchMan. I spent countless hours doing extensive research and sampling the highest ceremonial grade powder from Japan to the cheapest culinary grade and everything in between, quickly developing my 6th sense for Matcha. From color, to taste, to texture, to function, I learned that no two Matcha’s are the same. I purchased the 10 most popular brands in Whole Foods and on Amazon I noticed that the Matcha quality was far from impressive (especially in stores), yet prices were over $1 per 2 gram serving. I realized a big potential problem, that the term ceremonial grade was losing meaning a where consumers like myself would buy an expensive Matcha labeled “premium Ceremonial” only to try something that looks more like dirt than green tea. I knew without proper education and high quality products, the Matcha market would not experience major growth, and too many people would miss out on the ‘non jittery’ energy boost that they did not know they should even be looking for (as evident by the recycled content online stating that Matcha is a less caffeinated coffee alternative).

My goal is to redefine the energy drink and caffeinated beverage market, and provide the healthiest energy sources, grounded in the functional benefits of Matcha. We are in the final R&D stages of an extremely unique product, which takes functionality and convenience to the next level and will end any doubt that Matcha cannot be as energizing as coffee. We are partnering with a non-profit called Mamma Hope, providing funding to create and maintain a sustainable farm in Kisumu, Kenya. Receiving impact assessment updates and working with passionate global advocates living in Kisumu, will ensure that our contribution is as impactful as possible.

Just as Matcha has provided me the energy and motivation to #ExceedMyPotential, MetaMatcha aims to be the vessel to allow you to #ExceedYourPotential in any and every aspect of your life. 



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