Meet the people behind the brand - Pure7 Chocolate

Pure7 is founded on the idea that you really are what you eat.

Our passion is making the most nutritious, delicious chocolate that is good for your health, good for the planet and good for people.

Yes, we are still talking about chocolate, but as women have instinctively known since chocolate was first tasted, chocolate is something more than just a tasty treat.  Or it can be, as long as it is made with the care and devotion we bring to the mix.

Yes, we all want chocolate, that's somehow wired into our human DNA, but now we know that our bodies are complex machines that are in constant dialogue with the world around us.  We absorb nutrients, but also seem able to absorb experiences and this means it's not only important to know what we are eating is pure and free from contaminants, but how it's made also counts.

We want our eggs from free-range chickens because the experience of the chicken actually counts.  Grass-fed, open-range beef is a healthier choice on every level that counts as compared to meat from an animal packed in a corn-feed lot.

So, when we talk about chocolate, we actually begin that conversation way back in our own lives with a complete reformation of our own nutritional intake and therefore health destiny.  Many years of active thought and careful experimentation and observation led us to the conclusion that not only is chocolate important, but that



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