Meet the people behind the brand - SoapBox Soaps

SoapBox Soaps was founded in 2010 with a simple mission: to empower people to change the world through everyday, quality purchases. Our founder, David Simnick, made the first batch of soap in his college apartment kitchen while still at American University. Six years later our products are in retailers across the nation and over one million donations have been made! Simnick was inspired to start SoapBox after interning for both non-profit and for profit companies during college and joining a USAID contractor post college. The experiences led him to realize that hygiene aid wasn’t being implemented to its fullest potential and wasn’t being paired with essential items like soap. That’s when it hit him: combine a love of entrepreneurship with the need of hygiene products. He called up his best friend and told him the idea, SoapBox Soaps was born, and the rest is in the suds!




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