Our Story - TrySome founder & CEO, Rune Knudsen

Why did you start TrySome?




TrySome Founder and CEO Rune Knudsen is originally from Denmark, a country steeped in the tradition of sustainable living and organic food consumption. His career within the industry started 10 years ago at the think tank, Sustainia, where he was tasked with making sustainable living interesting, fun, practical and habit-forming.


In 2014, TrySome launched in the US as a platform to make organic and sustainable products accessible to the average consumer while at the same time helping ethical brands to succeed.

TrySome offers consumers the opportunity to discover and sample new products in exchange for providing valuable feedback to brands on how they can improve their products.



We at TrySome believe everyone should have access to wholesome and sustainable products that are good for our bodies and the planet. We’re not alone. More and more people around the world are starting to share their concerns about the choices we as consumers make about the products we consume and the consequences they have on our bodies and the environment.


These concerns aren’t easy to solve, but TrySome has created a platform to overcome several well-known hurdles:

Organic products, and/or those made by niche brands, tend to be more expensive

While organic food may now be pervasive, finding quality products that are also marked as sustainable, fair trade and eco-friendly remains difficult

Specialty health food stores tend to mainly carry well-known organic brands, reducing the variety of options for the consumer to choose from

Consumers aren’t able to easily find niche brands who struggle with affordable distribution methods



TrySome is a marketplace of products that are good for you and the planet. Consumers are invited to try sample-size versions of new products, or purchase the full-size products at a reduced rate, from ethically-minded brands. In exchange for these perks, they’re asked to provide feedback that will help the brands grow and succeed in the future.


Where conscientious consumers meet ethical brands

Feel free to explore ethical products without much effort on your part. We have a unique selection of organic, sustainable, fair trade and eco-friendly products you can’t find anywhere else… yet. With TrySome you can:



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The TrySome promise to you

We want you to join us on this journey to change the world by changing the way we consume -- together. That starts with our promise to you that our products will always be










This is what we stand for, in a nutshell.



We curate products that address issues impacting our climate such as; sustainability, food waste, eco-friendly packaging and animal welfare

We give back 1% of proceeds to organizations supporting these causes



We want you to have healthier alternatives to processed foods -- and promise they taste good, too

Everyone we work with follows fair-trade practices; where employees are as much of a priority as profits



We support brands of all sizes that want to make big changes to our consumption habits

As a community, we provide valuable and actionable insights to help them achieve this



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