"The feedback we received from the TrySome Testers was invaluable! Honest opinions from real, sophisticated consumers has made our product better – and for that we are eternally grateful"- Marianne Honore, KUR Organic Superfoods

"I was excited to "TrySome" and discover new organic, healthy products for free. The company and products definitely delivered! I really enjoyed discovering a new vegan omega oil and have actually been using the product ever since." - Ruth Temianka

"TrySome is a great way to be a conscious consumer. In addition to being able to help develop meaningful and useful products through useful feedback, you also get to try some great stuff!" - Drew Heffron

"It is so easy to discover new clean products on TrySome; it spiked my curiosity to try new products.  I would never have tried dehydrated bananas if it hadn't been for TrySome. Now I love those things... Barnana" - Ziva Cooper

"TrySome allowed me to do exactly that, try some new products that appealed to me, that interested me and even something I might not otherwise try. I selected some items from their list and in a couple of days, they arrived at my door. A great way to try some new and different products. Go TrySome!" - Rody Biggert

I love TrySome's concept: try new products for free and give your honest feedback in return. It's a fun platform that allows you to discover and try new products from brands that are committed to producing better products. I'm looking forward to the next delivery!" - Cedric Penders



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