TrySome Product Testing Video Guide


Hi TrySome Friends,

Thank you so much for helping us make a product testing video! It means a lot to us, as well as to a lot of other people out there, because they can now see what YOU think.

We recommend your video to be around 30 - 60 seconds long, thats all. Here are a few steps to follow / get inspiration from in order to make the best and most engaging video possible:

1. Introduce yourself -- you are definitely a celebrity to us!

2. What products did you get from TrySome?

3. What’s your first impression of the product? (package, logo, color etc)

4. How do you like the product? (smell, texture, taste etc)

5. What’s your overall impression of this product? (Do you like it or not, similar to something else you tried before? References are welcome. If they make sense to you, they probably will for others too.)

6. Did this product match your expectations? Why / Why not?

That’s it! Well done, rock star! We can’t wait to post your videos on our social media!!! Here is an example for your reference!



Lots of love,

Your TrySome Family



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